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Did you know that Morris Minor became the first British car to have sold more than 1 million units in 1961? Passengers can use up to 80% of the total space inside of the mini, all credit goes to its signature design. A total of four passengers can sit in it.

Nothing drives up the cost of vehicle maintenance than driving on rough roads. See below best practices to minimize damages to your vehicles on rough Jamaican roads.

  1. Properly inflated tires are a lifesaver. When you have optimum pressure in your tires, they will hold up better when driving over rough conditions.
  2. Always try to avoid potholes when you can. Sometimes this isn’t possible, so make sure that you are driving at a reasonable speed over these hazards. Not only can driving over potholes at a fast speed cause damage to your car, it can also cause you to lose control over the vehicle.
  3. Hold the wheel firmly when driving over a pothole to avoid losing control.
  4. Sometimes potholes can disguise themselves. Especially during rain, make sure to be watching the road carefully.

Despite all the precaution taken, it is inevitable for your car to be damaged on the Jamaican roads. That is why Universal Shocks stock a wide variety of parts for your Mini. Come visit us today.