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Did you know that after Henry Ford had fallen from his horse and hurt himself while working on his father’s farm he came up with the idea to create a vehicle that would be safer and would not depend on animal power.

The gasoline buggy was the first vehicle built by Ford, this vehicle was described as the most perfect machine on the market, even a 15 year old boy was able to drive it. But not in Jamaica, a 15 year old boy can’t handle these crater size  potholes, these potholes can cause damage to any vehicle.

Here are few popular afaord cars in Jamaica: Ford F150, Ford Ranger Van, Ford Ranger XLT, Ford Fusion, Ford Edge.

Ford Motor Co. wants to save drivers from the menace of potholes by designing a virtual map for drivers to find them.The idea is being researched by Ford’s European division, with testing expected to begin later this year. A map would show drivers on in-car displays in real-time where potholes are and how bad they are, then suggest alternative routes.

 Vehicle owner claims that pothole damage is a real problem. Bad road surfaces contribute to more than a third of all accidents in Jamaica. A virtual pothole map could highlight a new pothole the minute it appears and almost immediately warns other drivers that there is a hazard ahead,

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