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Did you know that the abbreviation BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke?
The BMW logo is made up of national colours of Bavaria: blue and white.

Driving your BMW over potholes can result in problems with your vehicle. Issues may arise with your wheel alignment, your steering, and your suspension system. However, you might not realize that you have a problem immediately; knowing what damages signs to look for could save you thousands of dollars.

Here are few popular BMW cars in Jamaica: BMW 530i, BMW 325i, BMW X6 SUV, BMW 520d, BMW 428i.

Signs that your car has sustain damages

  1. Turning your steering wheel and hearing a thumping.
  2. Being unable to direct the vehicle when you need to stop quickly.
  3. The front end of your car dives downward when you hit the brake.
  4. Vehicle sways to one side as you are driving. 
  5. The car feels as though one end is lower than the other.
  6. The car bounces or lurches when it’s in motion.

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