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Countless Potholes So Much Cost

Shocks,suspension& tire prices continue to soar and potholes are not making it any easier on car owner’s pockets-Especially in Jamaica.

Entering a pothole is like paying back a loan with interest.The harder you enter the pothole the more it cost you to repair what was damage.

Here are few tips to avoid spending on a pothole

  1. Slow down The faster you’re driving when you hit a pothole, the worse the damage is likely to be

  2. Give some space Should the car in front of you fail to avoid a pothole, you’ll give yourself the time to react and avoid the same fate if you leave a good deal of space between you and the other driver

  3. Prepare for puddles When you see a puddle in the middle of the road, it’s impossible to know how deep that crater will be, so be very cautious

  4. Hold tight Potholes can cause a violent jolt to your car, so it’s very important that you have a solid grip on the steering wheel. Otherwise, your car can veer into the next lane or you can lose control entirely

  5. Don’t brake You’ll want to avoid braking as you hit the pothole because doing so can actually cause more damage

  6. Keep your tires full Properly inflated tires will give your car added protection from potholes

  7. Inspect new tires Inspect the tire by looking at the DOT number, a four-digit number that stands for the week and year the tire was made.

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