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Did you know that August Horch the founder of Audi was a young German engineer who trained under Karl Benz for 3 years before starting his own venture? Most car racers in Jamaica like to use Audi for racing because it has never broken down and never had a failure.

The word Audi in Latin means "listen". The four rings in the Audi logo represent the four companies of the union. It has been conducting a crash test for over 75 years now. Audi vehicles present itself as the most powerful, more sporty and fascinating models at first glance, with a striking exterior design and potent horsepower. Audi is the best car for you. 

Here are few popular Audi cars in Jamaica: Audi A4S line, Audi A5, Audi Q3, Audi A8, Audi Q2 SUV.

Your Audi isn’t just another vehicle on the Jamaican roads – it’s a high-tech and highly engineered piece of automotive art. And it deserves to be treated as such. See below general cleaning tips for your Audi

How to Clean your Audi

Washing Your Audi The longer substances like insects, bird droppings, tree sap, road dirt, industrial deposits, tar, soot, road salt, and other aggressive materials remain on your Audi, the more damage they will cause to the paint. High temperatures will further intensify the corrosive effect of these substances. Washing your Audi by hand is by far the safest way to keep it clean. Make sure to use plenty of water to soften the dirt first, and rinse off as well as possible. Then, clean the vehicle with a soft sponge, glove, or brush, using only slight pressure. You should start on the roof and work your way down to the bottom areas.

Waxing protects the paintwork. It is time to apply a good coat of wax when water no longer forms droplets and rolls off the clean paintwork. Even if a wax solution is used regularly in the car wash, it is advisable to protect the paint with a coat of wax at least twice a year. 

Cleaning Ornamental Trim and Moldings - The metal brightwork on the body is made of aluminium rather than chrome (for environmental reasons). Dirt or marks on the trim mouldings should be removed with an acidfree cleaning agent, not a chrome cleaner. Body polish is also unsuitable for the use on trim mouldings. These intensive cleaning solutions often go into the car wash, which can cause dull or milky patches when they dry out.

Cleaning Plastic Parts - These parts will come clean with regular washing. If regular washing isn’t doing the job, plastic parts should only be cleaned with a special solvent-free plastic cleaning agent. Do not use paint cleaners, polishes, or wax on plastic parts.

Cleaning the windows - The windscreen should not be cleaned with insect remover or wax, otherwise the windscreen wipers will not function properly. Substances like rubber, oil, grease, or silicone can be removed with a window cleaning solution or a silicone remover. Wax residue can only be removed with a special cleaner. Use a separate cloth or chamois to dry the windows. Cloths used for waxing and polishing should be avoided, as they contain residues that will cause smears on the glass.

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